Yerbatera Hoja Verde S.R.L. is located in the heart of Misiones province, Argentina, surrounded by nature reserves, near the Iguazú River.
We are a modern company that has a state of the art system for the high-quality production of yerba mate for export and local consumption.

Yerba mate goes through many steps and quality controls during the drying process.
With strict controls in place throughout the drying process, temperature and humidity are constantly monitored.

After a year of fermentation, the mate leaves are transferred to the industrial complex to start the fourth stage: It includes the process of grinding and packaging.

Modern production lines allow us to adapt the grinding to different degrees and fill it in several sizes and weights to suit the needs of our customers While ensuring strict sanitary procedures according to international standards during packaging, storage and transportation to ensure quality.

Between entering and leaving the mill, several rigorous laboratory analyzes are carried out to ascertain properties and quality.

Yerbatera Hoja Verde has been exporting this same product for 15 years to the countries of the Middle East, maintaining quality, careful processing and treatment so that our yerba maintains the same flavor and quality in all parts of the world.

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