Yerbatera Hoja Verde

We produce Yerba Mate so that you can enjoy its original flavor and the unique benefits that mate offers.

At Yerbatera Hoja Verde, we take great pride in producing Yerba Mate that delivers both the original flavor and unique benefits this revered infusion has to offer.

Our commitment to excellence is evident at every stage of our meticulous production process. From the careful nurturing of the initial seedlings to the patient, 12-month aging period, we meticulously oversee each step to ensure that we deliver an unparalleled experience.

Our dedication to quality yields an unparalleled flavor and aroma that distinguishes our Yerba Mate from the rest. We understand that flavor is paramount, but so is your health.

By choosing Yerbatera Hoja Verde, you’re making an informed choice to prioritize your well-being and fully embrace the potential benefits of this infusion.

At Yerbatera Hoja Verde, we harmonize tradition and innovation to present a product of unique characteristics and flavor. We maintain utmost respect for the origins and the time-honored processes required to achieve export-quality Yerba Mate. Experience the perfect equilibrium of pure flavor and health in every sip.

Welcome to a place where we take immense pride in preserving and enriching the finest traditions of Argentina, one mate at a time.


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A Genuine 12-Month Natural Aging Process

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